Session Musicians

Racquel Roberts -  An experienced and versatile vocalist contributing the vocals for The Mul Mantra.

Rachael Gladwin - A talented harpist who will be equally at home playing classical, folk or jazz for you. Contributed vocals and harp to The Last Bridge to Nowhere and harp to A Vision of Nowhere.

Kristin Rule - The Unconventional Cellist - A most accomplished improviser and composer who is sure to make your music shine. Played cello for The Last Bridge to Nowhere and A Vision of Nowhere.

James Arben -  A creative and talented flautist. Contributed all the flute parts for A Vision of Nowhere. - All the session musicians you need at competitive rates. They can provide single tracks or produce a whole song for you. - Excellent vocals at reasonable rates.

Recording Studios

Backwoods Recording Studio - A wonderful studio with a creative and enthusiastic team of Nashville's top musicians who will do a great job of producing your country, folk or blues song. An excellent choice for  your first song.  Landslide Blues is performed by their Tony Ray Jones, Kim Marrs, Larry Marrs, Al Goll and George Pearce.

Musical Instruments - First choice in New Zealand for guitars and keyboards. - A huge range of ethnic and unusual musical instruments.

Audio Gear - Supplier of choice in New Zealand for top quality audio equipment.


Reaper - A small, fast, powerful, bug-free and regularly updated audio workstation.

Verse Perfect - Quite the best lyric writing software you'll find anywhere and it's free! Don't spend money on lyric writing software until you've tried it.





Schrödinger's Cat

Schrödinger's Cat

Railway Town

Copper Mine Creek

Landslide Blues

Landslide Blues