So Early in the Spring

Vocals: Shelby of

Acoustic guitar:

Bass guitar and electric guitar: Mark Owen.

Arranged and produced by Mark Owen.

Released 17th January 2014.

Creative Commons attribution licence.


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The Story

A contemporary interpretation of a traditional folk song.


Verse One
So early, early in the spring
I shipped on board to serve my king.
I left my dearest dear behind.
He often swore him heart was mine.

Verse Two
And all the time I sailed the seas
I could not find a moment's ease,
For thinking of my dearest dear
But never a word of him could I hear.

Verse Three
At last I sailed into Glasgow town.
I searched the streets both up and down,
Inquiring for my dearest dear,
But never a word of him could I hear.

Verse Four
I went straightway to his father's hall
And gladly for my love did call.
My son is married he's a rich girl's spouse.
He's wed to another much better for life.

Verse Five
Oh curse your gold and your silver too,
And curse the man that won't prove true,
Who all his former vows did break
And went with another for riches' sake.

Verse Six
If the man is married that I adore.
I'm sure I'll stay on land no more.
I'll sail the seas till the day I die.
I'll break through waves rolling mountain high.




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