The Great Plains

Composed, arranged, produced and by Mark Owen.

Vocals by Chris of Studio Pros.

Released 9th July 2016.

Creative Commons attribution licence.

The story of the colonisation of the Great Plains from an environmental perspective.




Verse 01 
Westward to the vast great plains
Went our lonely wagon trains	
Rolling on to claim
America's Dream

Chorus 01
Buffalo roaming wild	
Grasses waving in the wind
Said the Great Plains had been sent 
As our blessed, promised land

Said the Great Plains had been sent
As our blessed, promised land

Verse 02
We staked out our grazing claims
To the plots of farming land  
But to our suprise         
Dust storms filled the summer skies

Chorus 02
So we planted rows of corn
Pumping water from below 
But we never prophesied
That the wells would all run dry

Ogallala aquifer
Running dry
Endless water was a lie

Chorus 03
Say: "Goodbye American Dream"
Evaporating in the sun
Water sent from history
Now no longer rises and runs

Chorus 04
It was just a passing dream 
Not really what it seemed
Just a hopeless, fickle dream,
Fragile, thoughtless human scheme

Now the wells are running dry 
We must say  a last goodbye
Goodbye to the American Dream
Evaporating in the sun.







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