Thermal Wonderland


Recorded at Backwoods Recording Studio by:

Lead vocals, acoustic  guitars and drums small trap kit:  Tony Ray Jones.

Fiddle and Mandolins: Jason Rollar.

Harmony Vocals: Kelly Nolf.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Tony Ray Jones at Backwoods Recording Studio.

Composed  by Mark Owen.

Released 20th November 2015.

Creative Commons attribution licence.


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The Story

I live in a district with high earthquake risk and frequent nearby volcanic activity, having had negative experiences of both. Thus, the song is autobiographical. Its irony is typically “post-modern” being both serious and humorous at the same time, sometimes confusingly so. It creates a vision of living in a paradise, as is New Zealand (or Yellowstone National Park?), yet ends with a blunt punch line pointing out that we are at risk though, because it is slight, we live as if it didn’t exist. The song is a reminder that we live in fortunate circumstances that may be temporary and we should be grateful for them while they last.


Verse 01
Our home's a volcano
That smokes up the sky
With clouds of rank sulphur
That rise up on high.

Verse 02
We bathe in the hot pools
Which God heats for free
To save us from buying 

Chorus 03
Our life is so sweet,
Our life is so nice,
We live in a thermal paradise.

Verse 03
Our town attracts tourists
All happy to pay
To see the volcano
Chain smoking all day.

Verse 04
We never get snake bite.
The lake is shark-free.
We live in a haven
Of tranquillity.

Chorus 03
Our life is so sweet,
Our life is so nice,
We live in a thermal paradise.

Verse 05
The cone it is sleeping
Which is all very well,
But when she gets angry
She'll blow us to hell!

(Deliberately abrupt ending on the last note!)




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